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It was time, and I had completed a few projects- why not upload them? I also made the site look better, generally just by having better formatting, and more succinct pictures on the portfolio page. I don’t know what I was thinking by having each project be a massive picture-link. Looks better now! Let me know what you think.

2013- First Half Report

O, hallo!
Employment change: I’ve been working at Blammo! Games as a QA Technician since last October (man, long time no-post, eh?). I participated in TOJam (gameplay video up soon)- my team (Frostfire Games) made a goofy, fun 3-player “anti co-op” racing game called Power Trip. I’m working pretty hard on a new portfolio project– you can check out my progress at http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=114049

*Bzzzzrt* 7/31/2012

It’s probably a good time for an update.

Status Report:

  • Alive
  • Broke
  • Working for FrostFire Games as an Environment Artist! Possibly will also be taking over some¬†Level Design elements as well. I’m also technically the Lead, as I’ve been coming up with asset lists, delegating tasks and whatnot. Pretty kickass gig so far!

Keep watching for the new shi- I’ve been working on, it’s all pretty awesome and shows how my skills have evolved past what I did in school earlier this year.



Hoverhog Beta

Woooooooeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiaaauuuuugh!! FINALLY! IT’S ALIVE!! IT’S ALLIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42087070 w=600&h=425]


I’m not a programmer, so this has been a pretty tough road. I’d say I finally got it to work (with help from friends and online sources) on the 10th or 11th iteration. This is a great leg-up on my next project, which requires vehicles! AND THEY WILL BE MIGHTY.


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