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Play as the intrepid Captain, in charge of Interplanetary Janitorial Duty! Once a proud member of Earth’s global defense squad, Captain was re-assigned to his current, glorious task after being declared too old for duty. Too old?! These words mean nothing to Captain, who stoically pilots his Janitorial Cleanup Craft through a sea of debris, picking up hazardous space-junk from near Earth’s orbit! After centuries of careless jettisoning by spacefarers of all types, it’s gotten pretty dangerous to just step foot outside the warm comfort of our atmosphere.
Intended as a game for younger people (or young at heart), SPACE CUSTODIAN plays with simple gravity puzzles in order to solve tasks. Your main objective is to simply guide your ship to the nearest wormhole, but you can collect garbage along the way to rack up bonus points! Use Gravity Wells to influence your ship’s trajectory, and guide Captain to ultimate cosmic cleanliness!

Student project at Durham College. Team members: Myself and Richard Braithwaite.


Space Custodian